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Will Your Job Exist Next Year?

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Will your job exist next year?

While the education system is busy preparing students for the jobs that now exist, we must start looking ahead for the jobs to come or the ones that will no longer be career options in a few years. Where do you stand?

The last few years has seen significant progress in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics into the world of work. In the near future, AI will be taking over many mundane, repetitive job functions as well as highly-complex, programmable ones. What an exciting time to be alive?

With all of these futuristic changes becoming a growing reality, it is important to assess your own standing as it relates to job security in the now and beyond. Will your job exist next year? Here is a round-up of professions that are poised to grow and others that may disappear sooner than later:


Jobs in Health Care show much promise for the future. Growth is expected in areas such as nursing, geriatric care and personal care aides. It is also anticipated that there will be a boom in Customer Service-related jobs. This is already evident is burgeoning Business Process Outsourcing sector in Jamaica. Other potential careers include food and beverage preparation practitioners, teacher at the secondary level and above as well as retail salespersons.


Start planning to expand your skill set or supplement your income if you are deeply invested in fields such as postal and mail delivery services, data entry, switchboard operators, simple machine operators or miscellaneous agricultural workers. These jobs will very likely become obsolete as the functions become graduated and subsumed into other roles or replaced by machines or robots.

Be heartened. It is not all doom and gloom. Be prepared to further your education and exposure academically and technically to compete in this evolving landscape. It is also important to package your experiences, skills and abilities in a way that will impress recruiters and convince them to keep you the team or acquire your unique skill set for their organization.

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